Mohammad Rafigh was born on July 8th 1990 in Tehran. He was born in a 5 membered family and he is the youngest person in his family. In 2007 he got his diploma in mathematics and now he is a senior of computer engineering (software).

Mohammad has been interested in music since he was a child. At age 12 he began to learn piano and keyboard. His piano and solfege tutor was master Mirzaei. In 2004, he started his activity in the field of instrumentation, music producing and singing seriously And in 2005 he learned Spanish guitar and he entered the composing world.

In 2007,while he was only 18, Mohammad began working on his own first album called “Booye Baroon” (Smell Of The Rain) and in 2008 he could successfully make his own first album that was created by his natured art and released it.

However, before this album, Mohammad has worked individually and also in a group impressively, he presented excellent works, but it was his own personal first album which met great acceptance.

A couple of the songs that Mohammad has performed before the Booye Baroon (Smell Of The Rain) album:

  • Asire Shab (Captive Of Night)
  • Az Vaghti To Rafti (Since You Left)
  • Bargard (Come Back)
  • Baziye Marg (Game Of Death)
  • Dobare Bargard (Come Back Again)
  • Ghonchehaye Par Par (Wilt Buds)
  • Iran
  • Mahkoom (Sentenced)
  • Mikhastamet (I Wanted You)
  • Sarnevesht (Fate)
  • Doroogh Bood (It Was A Lie)
  • Tanham Gozashti Rafti (You Left Me Lonely)

The “Booye Baroon (Smell Of The Rain)” album which was produced by Mohammad Rafigh includes 9 tracks:

  • Zolmat (Darkness)- (Lyrics By: Zahra Mohseni)
  • Khatere (Memory)- (Lyrics By: Mina Rafighi)
  • Booye Baroon (Smell Of The Rain)- (Lyrics By: Mina Rafighi)
  • Jadeh (The Road)- (Lyrics By: Zahra Mohseni)
  • Bemoon (Stay)- (Lyrics By: Mina rafighi)
  • Sarab (Mirage)- (Lyrics By: N.M.A.)
  • Shoghe Didan(Meeting Passion)- (Lyrics By: Zahra Mohseni)
  • Hamsafar (Fellow Traveler)- (Lyrics By: Zahra Mohseni)
  • Khiyal (Imagination)- (Lyrics By: Mohammad Rafigh)

All tracks Composed & Produced by: Mohammad Rafigh

After succeeding in this album, In 2008, Mohammad began working on his second album called “Nime Shab” (Midnight). In July 2011 he successfully released his second different interesting album that encountered with great acceptance as well. this album includes 10 tracks:

  • Nime Shab (Midnight)-(Lyrics By: Mohammad rafigh)
  • Nagoo Nemishe (Don’t Say It Can’t Be) -(Lyrics By: Mohammad rafigh)
  • Be Man Negah Kon (Look at me) -(Lyrics By: Mohammad rafigh)
  • Be Hamin Sadegi (As Simple) -(Lyrics By: Mohammad rafigh)
  • Khahesh (Asking) -(Lyrics By: Alireza Royaei)
  • Booye Baroon (Smell Of The Rain) ”Remix” -(Lyrics By: Mina Rafighi)
  • Khatte Akhar (The Last Line) -(Lyrics By: Fahimeh Seyedzadegan)
  • Ghabe Aks (Photo Frame)-(Lyrics By: Zahra Mohseni)
  • Be Hamin Sadegi (As Simple) ”Remix” -(Lyrics By: Mohammad Rafigh – arrangement: Navid Javadi)
  • Shorooe No (New Beginning) -(Lyrics By: Mohammad rafigh)

All Tracks except “Be Hamin Sadegi (Remix)” composed & produced By: Mohammad Rafigh

In July 2012, Mohammad released a new different album that was more different than his former albums, called “Beyond Matter” which most includes instrumental songs. “Beyond Matter” was one of the best selling albums on . This album includes 7 tracks:

  • Awakening Dreams
  • Gerdbad (Tornado) (Lyrics By: Zahra Mohseni)
  • Last Kisses
  • Be Hamin Sadegi (As Simple) “Piano Version” (Lyrics By: Mohammad Rafigh
  • West To East
  • Khahesh (Asking) “Piano Version” (Lyrics By: Alireza Royaei)
  • Beyond Matter

All tracks composed & produced by: Mohammad Rafigh

His art ability is not limited in pop field, but also in folklore music he has presented valuable tracks:

  • Bi Nahayat (Infinite) (Lyrics By: Zahra Mohseni- Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Mast (Drunk) (Featuring Roozbeh Ghadyani- Lyrics By: Zahra Mohseni- Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh)

Some of single tracks of Mohammad Rafigh in order to their releasing year:

  • Age Mordam (If I Died) (Lyrics By: Masoud Manoochehri- Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Baroone Eshgh (Love Rain) (Lyrics By: NZM- Produced By:Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Bi Gonah (Innocent) (Lyrics & Production: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Sahel (Beach) (Lyrics & Production: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Chand Rooze (It’s A Few Days) (Lyrics By: Reza Shahin- Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Hamisheh (Always) (Lyrics & Production: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • For Brightness {instrumental music} (Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Taskin (Relief) (Lyrics By: Elena Jabari- Composed By: Mohammad Rafigh- Arranged By: Navid Javadi)
  • Sogand (Oath) (Lyrics By: Reza Shahin- Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Maho Berkeh (Moon & Pond) (Lyrics By: Reza Shahin- Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • 01:09 {instrumental music} (Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh)

Mohammad also has cooperated with many other artists, such as: singing, lyrics, composing and arrangement.

  • Eshtebah (Mistake) (Featuring Mohammad Rabieh-Lyrics By: Zahra Mohseni- Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Tanhayi (Loneliness) (Featuring Roozbeh Ghadyani- Lyrics By: Zahra Mohseni- Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Ejbar (Force) (Singer: Elmira- Lyrics & Production: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Mikhamet Toro (I Desire You) (Featuring Mohammad Rabieh-Lyrics By: Mohammad Rabieh- Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Az Vaghti Rafti (Since You Left) (Featuring Mostafa Khooriyani- Lyrics & Music Composing: Masood Sadeghi- Arranged by: Mohammad Rafigh)
  • Pelehaye Arezoo (Wish Stairs) (Featuring Mohammad Rabieh- Lyrics By: Reza Shahin- Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh)

At the moment, Mohammad is working on his new album and he is in process of getting officially license for releasing his new album.

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