• Hello Spotify!

    You can now hear my songs on Spotify . I’m publishing more songs there. my new song “Frozen Parts” would be available there soon. Thanks for your support. https://open.spotify.com/artist/1klLrfhDz357JHpEvCnr8Q … از این به بعد کارای منو هم می تونید از Spotify بشنوید. هنوز بعضی از موزیک‌هام اونجا منتشر نشده به محض این که منتشر بشه،

  • Happy Nowrooz

    Happy nowrooz and wish you the best in the new year. I hope have your accompaniment again.

  • Make Your Musics Sound Better!

    You can now send your projects to Mohammad Rafigh to hear how it could sound with a fresh mix and mastering. For more details click here.

  • Happy New Year

    New Design in New Year!!! Happy New Year! wish you best and hope you enjoy Mohammad’s new songs in new year…

  • Happy New Year “Nowrooz”

    Congratulations On The NOWROOZ And The Beginning Of The Spring To All My Fans And All Iranians. I Hope It’s A Good Year For The Entire World And All The Human Beings. My New Album And New Single Track Is Coming Out In The New Year And I Hope You Enjoy Listening To It. Mohammad

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