• Happy New Year

    New Design in New Year!!! Happy New Year! wish you best and hope you enjoy Mohammad’s new songs in new year…

  • “Tekrar”/ “Repetition”

    I Started Singing It After 10 Months, I Hope You Enjoy This Waltz Music. Download “Tekrar”/”Repeat” Lyrics: Mostafa Rafigh Music & Arrangement: Mohammad Rafigh Cover Design: Navid Javadi Special Thanks To Anyone Who Shared The Track “Tekrar”/”Repeat” On Their Websites. Now Available On RadioJavan, BirMusic…

  • Maho Berkeh (Moon and Pond)

    It’s the Song that I had presented in the previous year as NOWROOZ occasion named “Maho Berkeh“. Download “Maho Berkeh (Moon and Pond) Lyrics by : Reza Shahin Produced by : Mohammad Rafigh If you enjoy, you can buy this song on CoinDL. Happy Norooz!!! <3

  • Mohammad Rafigh’s New Track “Do Makhloogh / 2 Creatures” And Happy New Year

    Before everything I Need To Apologize For The Delay Of Updating And Wish You A Happy Year. In Occasion Of “Yalda Night” , Mohammad Prepared A Track Called: ” Do Makhloogh “/ “2 Creatures” That I Hope You Enjoy Listening To… Download “Do Makhloogh”/”2 Creatures” Lyrics by : Reza Shahin Produced by : Mohammad Rafigh

  • Mohammad Rafigh – Bi Nahayat (Infinite)

    Bi Nahayat (Infinite) is Mohammad Rafigh’s folklore music, I hope you enjoy it. Download Bi Nahayat (Infinite)           Lyrics By: Zahra Mohseni Produced By: Mohammad Rafigh   If You Like It, You Can Also Buy It On CoinDL

  • “Sogand”

    Mohammad Rafigh’s New Song “Sogand” Hope You like It Download “Sogand”

  • Mohammad Rafigh – “1:09”

    The seconds are waiting for the fans of Beyond Matter… hope you enjoy my new piano track. let me know what you got from “1:09″… Download “1:09” If you enjoy it, you can buy it on CoinDL.

  • “Taskin”(quieting)

    Let me explain it….its like touching rain…or…or even you can understand it from this coldness….my coldness…yours…even the atmosphere….It can be understand…. It can be understand that my heart is broken… Hope you enjoy my new music “Taskin”… Download “Taskin”(quieting) Lyrics: Elena Jabari Music, Mix & Mastering: Mohammad Rafigh Arrangement: Navid Javadi If You Like It,

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